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Youngkin VS McAuliffe: Hashtag Tweets

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

An overly simplified way to track candidate polarity(Better AI version next).

Virginians ONLY!

Here is the mean average polarity of pro-Youngkin tweets vs pro-McAulliffe tweets.

Super Oversimplified:

This graph is simply averaging the number of pro-candidateX tweets. Each tweet gets +1. These ~1,600 tweets were from self-proclaimed VA residents and had very specific polarized hashtags like #winwithglenn(pro-Youngkin) or #teamterry(pro-McAuliffe). Note that this is very oversimplified and simply used to contrast vs the nationalized version.

Everyone's Opinion!

Here is a similar graph of ~33,000 polarized(hashtagged) tweets from anywhere in the world. You can see inflection points around 10/18 and then at 10/29.

NEXT UP! Using AI to classify un-hashtagged tweets as pro-Youngkin or pro-McAuliffe

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