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What am I doing now?

 I live in South Philadelphia.  

Alas, I'm working as a full time Machine Learning Ops Engineer, after finding several Data Science consulting gigs using Python and machine learning that I mostly learned in the FastAI course.

I'm very excited to be working for ZeroEyes, a company where we train computer vision models and install them on school cameras to help stop gun violence in schools.

I've been deeply studying espresso with an EK, a Niche, and a DECENT machine.  Mostly using Scott Rao's Bloom method that can get extraction yields up to 27%.  So, I've also been holding espresso tastings with some of the best espresso in the world(literally).

I meditate at least once a day using Sam Harris' Waking Up app. oh am I more equanimous now!

I also freestyle rap on my secret instagram(@lofibedtimejazzrhymes), and I still play jazz trumpet every other day or so.

Last updated: Jan 2024

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