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Auto-Label Biomedical Terms with BioBert/BERN Api

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Here we will use the BERN Api that uses the pre-trained bioBert NLP model to automatically identify and label each biomedical term in a set of text. In this case, we will be using all the comments from a Rhonda Patrick (Found My Fitness) Youtube video.

Graph: Top biomedical terms listed in all comments so far.

Graph: Add More Categories like Mickey Mouse!:

Zero-Shot Classification Analysis of the same text sample as above. This time using categories found in the graph above and a couple fun extras thrown in like "Mickey Mouse" to keep the model honest.

This time we are using the "bart-large-mnli" model for inference.

Full Code Walk-Thru:

  • click the arrow under the "search" icon to navigate or GO HERE for the best experience.

  • all code can be found and cloned on my GitHub

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