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Youngkin V. McAuliffe: Vs Tweets

Find full code on my Github.

Glenn Younkin(R) pulls ahead in the poll (Real Clear Politics) on 10/23. On Twitter, Younkin pulls ahead on 10/25.

- Both show a surge beginning 5/23.

Graph Details:

The Real Clear Politics(RCP) graph is made up of the aggregation of polls from the RCP site. A sigmoid function was used to bring all the values first between 0and 1, and then multiplied to fit between -1 and 1.

The Twitter data is from Twitter users who claim to be from VA in their profile. Unfortunately, 2 days of data (10/29 & 10/30) were not collected due to connection issues. On those days the graphs show no change in the tweet data.

The Twitter graph is a moving average of 3days.

Over 600,000 tweets were collected and of that 2,000 were from 'VA residents.'

Error: How Close Were these graph lines "technically"

(not really very close)

You want RMSE to be close to 0 and R-Squared to be close to 1 so....ya know.

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