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Focusmate has changed my life!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

  As an extrovert, I’ve always struggled when trying to spend hours and hours alone working on projects.  I just love people and miss those little jolts of joy I get from just saying hi for a couple of minutes.  At the same time, I have way too many ideas of my own so I’m constantly trying to get myself to do more work and spend more time on my projects.  

  Alas, technology has come to my rescue.  I now use Focusmate nearly every day for all sorts of projects.(i'm in a focusmate session now as I edit this blog)  

Here’s how they explain what it is on their website:

1 Decide when to work Select the times when you want to be productive. We’ll send an email to confirm your sessions.

2 Launch your video session Start each 50-minute session by greeting your partner and declaring your goal. Then get to work.

3 Get your work done Work quietly in tandem with your Focusmate and experience the power of human accountability. I’m actually writing this blog post with someone on the screen from the UK(sometimes from China, India, Astralia, etc.).  I have 7 hours of python learning scheduled just for today and each hour I have another human that I am obligated to say hello to and to wish good luck after I’ve worked for the hour.     I’ve found it particularly useful when trying to get myself to do things I don’t want to.  I’m usually pretty bad at cleaning my room, but I’ve been scheduling a focusmate session once a week to clean it up and after telling some random person at that time that I’m going to clean my room for 50minutes I do it.   I’ve also found it to be a great excuse to get back to work on breaks.  I love taking 10 minute breaks and stepping out and chatting with my roommate for a couple minutes, but its easy for those conversations to take 45minutes.  A focusmate session scheduled allows me to tell my roommate,”sorry, I have to get back to work, I have this person I must meet with.”     All in all I’ve don over 500 hrs on focusmate and urge anyone who has difficulty staying focused while working from home to try it.  Currently its like $5 per month for the full version but a simpler version is free.  More soon...

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