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"True wealth… is what we do with our attention" - Sam Harris

so…  I came across a line in a discussion I was listening to.  It struck me a few weeks ago but after a deep conversation yesterday with close friend I decided to take it as serious as I can take anything I ever have. 

    Today this line became the focus of my Most Important Question(MIQ) journaling in my morning routine(more soon…).   This is an idea I got from Josh Waitzkin via Tim Ferriss.  Obviously this changes for people and businesses over time.  Mr Waitzkin coaches business teams to use it as their unifying objective, but it works on a personal level as well.  For a while mine was “How can I balance all these different things I’m doing while still progressing deeply with them and living a joyful life.”

Sam Harris’ inspiring line was this. "Our true wealth... It’s cash value, is what we do with our attention.”

He clarifies, "We all know what it’s like to guard our time and squander it by misusing our attention.”

my new MIQ is:  “How can I build the habit of using my Attention Investment Cycle(more soon…) so that I can live an even deeper and more joyful life.”

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