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My current 2 daily smoothies(meals)

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

UPDATE(3/2/2020): I am focused on having abs by May 12 2021 so I'm laying off broccoli sprouts for a month(they might be too anti-inflammatory for muscle growth I want). Also, I'm currently combining it all into one smoothie with the exception of the chickpea flour. With that, I make Soca(Farinata) every day and it's delicious. I've also found Potassium Bicarbonate makes the smoothie taste HORRIBLE so I just put it in some water with salt and cocoa and drink it down. Not so bad that way.

My smoothie enthusiasm:

  I started mimicking Dr. Rhonda Patricks' micronutrient smoothie years ago.  It has morphed into my much less expensive version that ends up taking up all my meals on most days.  At this point, I’ve incidentally been eating vegan 5-6 days per week using intermittent fasting. With the exception of my morning espresso, this is all I eat.  This has mostly occurred because I’m using vegan protein powders instead of eggs or meats for my protein(more soon).  I know, I know… I’m really weird.  None the less I have an efficient way of eating that is arguably healthier than anyone I know…Arguably not certainly.  I’m always trying to figure out what's better so I’m sure this will change too.

Please note that there are pictures of both smoothies in my Instagram HERE and you can likely find them in the “Whimsy” section of my blog “here” too. Cheers!

Dinner Smoothie:

Purpose: to get some replenish my body/mind with energy.  This makes it easier for me to focus my attention where I prefer.  For some things like broccoli sprouts(apparently) its better to ingest immediately after making into a smoothie.  Apparently this increases the bioavailability of things like sulforaphane(see Dr. Patrick) so I try to put those in the lunch smoothie and ingest the entire smoothie while making the dinner smoothie. In the picture, there are little tiger stripes in the dinner smoothie leftover from the lunch smoothie.  I put the dinner smoothie in the fridge.  This way I only have one food making session per day.  Yay batching!!

  • .5 tbs of EVOO(Extra Virgin Olive Oil) - for calories without sugar or carbs(might keep body making keynotes)

  • .5 tbs of homemade kimchi(made at home) - for good gut  bacteria

  • 1tbs of my weird jar:  This is essentially made up of seeds and spices so that it adds flavor, micronutrients, and maybe even other healthy things like sulforaphane to the smoothie.  See below for contents

  • Broccoli Sprouts!: .5 Jar of homegrown.  Eventually, I’d like to do a jar a day, but funds are limited right now.  Easy to grow and check out the really amazing research discussed by Dr Patrick

  • cocoa powder - apparently it has lots of anti-oxidants

  • a couple frozen blueberries(apparently studies have shown that we process carbs better in the morning so…)

  • Kale - usually add about 20g so I get the isothiocyanates and vitamin K

  • -vitimin D : about 5000 IU(Dr Patrick)

  • Fish oil pill & potassium:  I take these as pills.  I’d love to get all my potassium from avocados and I used to, but I’m really tightening my budget now so until I can afford it most of my potassium comes from supplement powders from bulk supplements.  

  • Parsley & Celery( see Dr. Patricks second Micronutrient smoothie)

Evening Smoothie (pictures: 

    Purpose:  to get as many super healthy micronutrients as Dr Rhonda Patricks smoothie super inexpensively.

  • .5 Tbsp of weird Jar

  • Magnesium powder(the max RDA amount.  I think its 400? When I was trying to do this with natural foods I found hemp seeds to work very well, but they’re a bit expensive and my roommate doesn’t like that they have a high amount of polyunsaturated fats.

  • 1 cup of EVOO(1800calories) (this is where I get nearly all my non-protein calories from)(It seems that EVOO is like…really good for you?

  • Pure Pea & Organic Rice Protein powder: 75-100g of Protein (mixed 1:1 and absolutely pure.  doesn’t taste good at all but I’m figuring out how to mask this taste pretty well) ((I ordered 50kg or 400 days worth of these protein powders @ 75g of protein per day from great stuff if you're looking for pure and cheap and I have nooo association with them other than the fact that I've become a fan.))

  • 30g of Chickpea flour(net 12g of carbs):

    • this is where I get nearly all my carbs from. I started adding this when I realized I would likely feel more energized w/ at least some carbs.  I tried beans, lentils and a few other things, but they were more difficult to prep and gave me gas.  Now I just put the chickpea flower in warm water the day before and bring throw it into my smoothie the next day. I put more in the fridge immediately after adding it to the smoothie so the cycle continues.  NO MORE gas too!!

  • Vinegar .5tbs (for flavor and to bring the pH up a bit as i’m not so sure how kosher it is to be eating raw frozen spinach?)

  • 1/3 bag of Frozen Spinach: Trader Joes no pesticides is only $1.50 for 450g.  Spinach has most of the potassium, vitamin k, Magnesium, that I’m getting from natural foods.  For a minute i was having a full bag per day, but as I’ve drastically cut costs I’m rationing myself to only 1/3 a bag per day.  Eventually, I’ll have way more kale & spinach. 

  • 1 to 2 cups of nicely filtered water.(so it all mixes well)

Weird Jar Contents:

-some salt(yummy)

-common ingredients in curry powder(I'm, as of yet, unsuccessful at mimicking these flavors in my own mix)

-broccoli seeds(see Dr. Rhonda Patrick)

-flax seeds(see Dr. Patrick) also IMPORTANT(without the flax seeds pooping is really messy and strange later so…use flax seed or hemp seeds or something bind it all in your system)


-curcumin extract(see Rhonda Patrick)

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