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Mock Data and Go Around

I was listening to Josh Waitskin author of "The Art of Learning" talk to Tim Ferriss about playing with his son and how the two of them fell into this simple way of describing what to do if you hit a roadblock in problems. They say, "Jack, go around." Not like wander around, but simply easily, quickly, look for a different way from the most obvious.

So, I've been graciously allowed to do some projects with a coffee company and I'm having a little difficulty connecting with the actual data because it's super secure. So I'm going around. Rather than bother people who are very busy with my data connection problem, I learned how to generate randomized mock data with a python script that imitates the same data sets I'll likely use. I've also learned how to create SQLite tables, write the appropriate queries, and connect it all to Tableau(shown below).

My presumption(will confirm later) is that I can get all the code written and set up so that as soon as anyone has extra time to help connect me to the data I'm ready to go.

Note: This idea might contradict a bit with Ryan Holliday's "The Obstacle Is The Way," but that is for another discussion.

Here is my randomly created a small set of data.

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