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I've oddly invested in food(1yr of protein powders)

"I Invested in about 400 days worth(50kg total) of Pea Protein and Organic Rice protein."

90% of my diet consists of smoothies(except cheat day). 

I’ve been making them consistently for about 3 years but in the last year, I’ve started using them as my entire food source 5 days a week.  The other two days are either a cheat day or a fasting day.  As my food has become so consistent I’ve been able to really hone in on my micro and macronutrients and costs.  So I accidentally spent 4 hours making a spreadsheet that calculates how much each smoothie costs per day with particular ingredients.

Note I do smoothies not only for health but for efficiency as I know exactly what to make and how long it's going to take each day.

At a certain point, I realized it would be more efficient to throw all my protein in the smoothie too.  So I started investigating protein powders.  Protein is actually the most expensive thing in my smoothie as I’m trying to get around 75g of protein each day.  The RDA is around 45g but since I’m lifting and practicing soccer moves and I’m old now I figure its best to make sure I have enough protein to feed muscles.

When I looked into buying bulk protein powder I found an incredible site( affiliation)) where I could get pure powder for a quarter of the price if I bought tons of it.  


I Invested in about 400 days worth(50kg total) of Pea Protein and Organic Rice protein.  Turns out vegan protein it's just as inexpensive from Bulk Supplements, and I don’t get any of the theoretical negatives from milk-based protein powder.  Mixing Pea And Rice proteins gives you the full spectrum of amino acids for muscle building too.

Now my most expensive smoothie part is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I’m still learning how to make these smoothies taste better, but over the past month they’ve gone from “disgusting” to “kinda tasty.” 

Incidentally, this method has made me a vegan 6days a week and since my girlfriend is vegetarian that last day for most weeks.  I still eat meat when there is something delicious to be tried and plan to when things open up and I’m around family/friends again.  But I think its pretty good for the world and my health and I feel really good about it.

PS  I know this isn’t likely the optimal healthy solution as there is lots of great stuff from natural sources, but I figured now is a good time to buckle down on the budget and when the economy opens back up and I make more money I can start with going organic and then adding things like fish and other sources of protein.

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