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Four US Counties COVID Deaths Data

Here are the death counts for counties some of my family members live in. I use the death counts(for now) simply because I wondered if death rates were slowing down despite accelerating positive testing rates. These graphs seem to show that death rates are at least staying the same if not accelerating. I hope to add graphs that show actual updated weekly rates for everything soon. Hopefully by the time I make those all death rates will be decreasing(fingers crossed!).

These are deaths that have been counted so far each day. Note: There tends to be a lag of death records. As I showed in my previous post, the NY Times data lags behind the state data while the state data will show now increase for the last 3-5 days until the counts have come in. Sometimes they continue updating deaths longer than 2 weeks later.

These graphs were made from info published 8-17-2020:

see the code here on GitHub

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