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Eating right can be amaaaazing

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Optimizing my afternoon with my light early smoothie 

~ So… I’ve been fiddling with my diet for quite some time and I have a very peculiar diet I created from all sorts of longevity, fat loss, and performance theories(More soon...).  A year or two ago I heard a discussion concerning someone's journey and ultimate success at creating a diet and daily routine that made them feel amazing all day. This got me curious.

I've personally had a persistent problem. After eating my lunch smoothie I found it very difficult to concentrate at around 2pm.  I played around with some ideas and I solved the problem.  

 The first thing I tried was to take almost everything out of my lunch smoothie except a dash of extra virgin olive oil and some broccoli sprouts.  For the rest of the day I felt amazing until I had dinner where I totally fell into a food coma.  I’ve been getting all my best work done before 6pm anyway so experiencing food coma while relaxing is actually a pretty good deal for me.

    I’m slowly adding other things back into the smoothie like coco powder, kale, blueberries, and I'm testing them for their drowsiness effects, but I’m wildly excited about my extra 2 hours of deep and intense work I get to do from 2pm-4pm.  I’m completely surprised that I actually feel more energetic after eating my smoothie.

    For what it’s worth I highly recommend exploring these ideas.  Obviously life is constantly changing so we won’t always be able to test things well, but if you're finding concentration difficult during a particular part of your day, I urge you to consider looking at what food your eating just before.  For me, it worked out to have no protein, just a touch of fat(oil) and some greens.

more soon...

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