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Decent Espresso Machines Random Forest ML YouTube Recommendations Pt 1

Below is a breakdown of a Random Forest model trained to predict whether or not a youtube user will comment on the Decent Espresso Machines youtube channel.

The model was trained to be 57.5% accurate

The model was trained on user subscription data pulled using the public Youtube API.

Preliminary Recommendations(these will be finalized as more data is loaded from youtube and the model becomes more accurate):

Consider Actively collaborating with or advertising with the following channels:

Brain Quan, Whole Latte Love, Lance Hedrick, RealChrisBaca

Consider NOT spending any resources towards the following channels:

Coffee Chronicler, Joshua Weisman, Barista Hustle

Important: These recommendations are not to followed yet, but you can look forward to something like this that will be more accurate in a week or two.

Waterfall Graphs?

Each of the waterfall graphs shows what information the model used to make its prediction for a single user. Each piece of info is the precise date when a user subscribed to a particular channel. The model looks at all the subscriptions combined for a user and places a probability as to how likely the particular user will comment on Decent Espresso Machines.


There are tons of weaknesses and ways to improve this model, but it is an interesting way of helping decide where to place limited time resources toward growing a Youtube audience and then Decent Espresso Machine sales.

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