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Decent Espresso Machine Youtube Competition by Subscriber/Commenter Analysis

Table column details (see youtube links and detailed explanation below):

  • c_subCount: Total subscribers that the channel has

  • comsubCount: Number of Decent commenters that also subscribe to that channel (of the ~500 we can see)

  • c_views: Number of total views that channel has on all its videos combined

  • c_topicCats: Categories youtube has automatically added to describe each channel.

More Detailed Explanation:

Using the Youtube API I pulled all the Youtube comments from the "Decent Espresso Machines" channel. I then pulled the data showing all the subscriptions for ~500 of those commenters. I then pulled the channel data for the top 2000 of those channels we will call Overlappers. Overlappers are simply the channels that "Decent Espresso Machines" commenters have subscribed to.

With that data, I found the channels with similar view counts(c_views) and subscriber counts(c_subCount).

A Little Extra

Below are the overlappers listed from most overlapping subscriptions to least:

James Hoffmann Decent Espresso Machines Lance Hedrick The Real Sprometheus RealChrisBaca Whole Latte Love Seattle Coffee Gear Marques Brownlee Brian Quan Linus Tech Tips European Coffee Trip Kyle Rowsell Scott Rao Veritasium Alex Joshua Weissman Babish Culinary Universe SmarterEveryDay Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

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