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Coding and Memorization? Learning

I’m about a third of the way through the Data science track in Codecademy.  I think I just realized that I need to copy and paste a lot more.  Also, that I need to practice googling answers more than memorizing code and especially more than looking the answers up in Codecademy.  I had a long meeting with a new German  friend of mine.  He’s a biochem student at a German University and we met because we’re both big users of which I recommend to anyone trying get themselves to sit down and do work.  Jonas and I are both enthusiastic about learning optimization with memorization techniques.  After spending many hours trying to figure out how to use these techniques to optimize python learning I’ve realized its very very different for coding in Python.  All the answers you want are on google, you just need to get really good at looking for them.  All you really need to know are the basics and the frameworks of how to do projects.  (At least I think).  So.. I started copying and pasting code for my personal stash of code that I can just search through to solve problems and I’ll keep that simple since I can search google for everything else.  I think I might start some flashcards to memorize particular problem questions so that I can practice solving those with my cheat sheets and google searches.  It’s a little strange to not memorize stuff I actually kinda want to, but its just too slow and unfortunately appears to be useless.  Hopefully I’ll update this in a month with confirmation that this was a good idea or bad. 

last updated 6/28/20

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