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Dave's 5-Things Fridays

Hey Everyone,

  Thanks for signing up for Dave's 5-Things Friday. Every Friday, I will send out an email with the five things I've been most excited about that week.

It could include jazz, hiphop, politics, esspresso, quotes and other things that make me seem so weird sometimes.

These "Dave's 5-Things" emails are only available if you subscribe to my e-mail newsletter.  They will not be posted on the blog or anywhere else.  If your crazy excited about this, please feel free to spread the word.


Thanks for reading!


(mostly paraphrased from Tim Ferriss)


Wait? Who's Tim Ferriss?  I actually currently enjoy Tim Ferrriss' 5-bullet fridays and am copying his idea nearly word for word just to get this all started.  Please check him out as he's a fascinating character.

more soon...


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